Pig Personalities

By Aubrey Lambach, alambach

Over the past few weeks, I have spent quite a lot of time assisting with swine health checks at multiple county fairs in the local area. As a result, I have watched well over 600 pigs exit trailers and strut (or downright run) across pens and show rings. After observing so many hogs and checking..

26th August, 2016

Keeping My Face Towards the Sun

By Roberta Hemmer, rhemmer

Everyone has a list of things that motivate them—the promise of coffee at the end of an early-morning run or the enthusiastic greeting of canine companions at the end of a long day. But inspiration can be harder to find than motivation. Applying to vet school took a lot of motivation, but I’m learning that surviving..

25th August, 2016

Fight the Resistance

By Maxbetter Vizelberg, mvizelberg

I along with my fellow bloggers have discussed in earlier posts about the concept of One Health. No organism exists in a bubble, isolated from all other ones. We humans who are aware of this inextricable linkage have a responsibility to monitor for a wide range of health hazards, prioritize which ones are of most..

24th August, 2016