Equine Ocular Ultrasound

By Tim Manzi, tmanzi

While on the Equine Ophthalmology rotation, I was required to give a short (10-15 minute) informal presentation on any topic related to ophthalmology that I desired. Having an interest in diagnostic imaging, I chose to present a collection of research papers that focused on ultrasound of the equine eye. Prior to this rotation and presentation,..

31st July, 2015

In the Real World

By Shannon Emmons, semmons

When practicing techniques such as placing IV catheters and intubating patients, we learned on practice models. My “leg” to practice placing catheters was a wooden dowel with a piece of thick tubing stapled to it. We practiced intubating patients with a model of a dog’s head and on cadavers. While we can’t always — and..

30th July, 2015

Remembering the Struggle

By Daniel Kelleher, dkelleher

It seems so distant now, but not long ago my greatest goal in life was to attend vet school. I’ve written previously about how fortunate I was to have great employers who were tremendous mentors and role models. Now as I transition to my third year, it seems like things are beginning to click. The..

29th July, 2015