By Tim Manzi, tmanzi

Being a veterinary student means putting 99% of whatever your actual life is on hold and focusing 150% of your attention on schoolwork. Although being on clinics has been an incredible experience so far, the workload has probably exponentially increased compared with being in the classroom. I have enjoyed the early mornings that turn into..

28th August, 2015

What Do You See??

By Jasmine Jones, jjones

During my time at my externship, I asked the doctors to focus on the things I felt I was weak in and ask questions based off that information. One of those areas of particular interest/weakness was radiology. Although I did have a radiology course (and I did pretty well), I still feel extremely weak in reading/interpreting..

27th August, 2015

Learning From the Past: Beautiful Jim Key

By Benjamin Daggett, bdaggett

The simple act of kindness can take us far. By reading a long-forgotten piece of American history, I was reminded of the benefits of showing kindness to animals and people. This summer, I read the book “Beautiful Jim Key,” the story of a horse and his owner that shook America during the 19th and early..

26th August, 2015