Career Choices

By Shannon Emmons, semmons

We recently had one of our first big “talks” as a class about where our lives were heading, a topic that scares a large majority of our class, including me. Some people are dead set that they’re going to do small animal medicine, or large animal surgery, or exotics. On the other hand, there’s me..

26th May, 2015

What’s Your Favorite Animal?

By Daniel Kelleher, dkelleher

By far, this is one of the most common questions I get as a vet student. And depending on the day, I just might tell you something different. My nephews recently asked me the question. Here’s what I told them. I like African Wild Dogs. They are my favorite because out of all the wild canine species, I..

25th May, 2015

Study Buddies

By Dylan Devino, ddevino

Transitioning into veterinary school was a difficult time for me. I had the option of going to school with a few of my close friends, but ultimately we all ended up going to different schools. The choice was difficult to make, and especially difficult because I knew that I could have had a great living..

22nd May, 2015