Handling Emotional Situations

By Dylan Devino, ddevino

When someone thinks about what a veterinarian does, many people might assume that you get to play with happy puppies and newborn kittens. While these situations occur often, other cases have more grim circumstances. In these instances, being a veterinarian also means that you have to be the bearer of bad news. No owner wants to hear that..

28th July, 2016

Assessing Risk

By Maxbetter Vizelberg, mvizelberg

I was recently introduced to a game called WarLight. It is essentially the online version of Risk. Games of strategy are cool because they often involve a lot of thinking before moves can be made, especially when it comes to protecting your borders all the while deciding which enemy countries to invade. The veterinary world is..

27th July, 2016

Medicine: Your Support Team

By Shannon Emmons, semmons

This block’s rotation is Companion Animal Medicine. Medicine has been a rotation that I’ve been extremely nervous about for a few reasons. It’s a very intensive rotation with long hours and very busy days. It involves a lot of very sick and debilitated animals, and with that comes very upset owners. I had stress nightmares leading..

26th July, 2016