By Tim Manzi, tmanzi

In my pre-veterinary life, I had hobbies. (I’m talking about prior to the thought of veterinary school ever entering my mind, not during my “pre-vet” education.) At the time, I occupied myself after school with a job at the local supermarket and helped ride and train Quarter Horses for my trainer. I had friends within..

6th May, 2015

Selective at the Wildlife Clinic

By Roberta Hemmer, rhemmer

My classmates and I were exited to receive our selective matches during winter break and even more excited to jump right into them during the first week of January. I had the good fortune of receiving a good lottery number, so I received my top selective pick: day-to-day functioning at Tufts Wildlife Clinic. What I..

5th May, 2015


By Brittany McCauslin, bmccauslin

Two words: emotional rollercoaster. That is how senior year is winding down for me (44 more days!). I am beyond excited to be so very close to moving on to the next part of my life. “School” has been my life for twenty straight years, and I am ready to not check the “student” box..

4th May, 2015