By Dylan Devino, ddevino

It’s 6 AM. The sun still hasn’t risen, but I’ve been up for over an hour. The car is packed up, and before long I’ll be hitting the road. With finals over, it’s time to head back to Vermont for the summer. Now all that’s left to do is make that 800-mile drive. This is..

3rd July, 2015

Financial Aid: More Stressful Than Filing Taxes?

By Roberta Hemmer, rhemmer

One of the most unexpected things about vet school is that you’re constantly worried about money. For a lucky few that’s not the case, but between paying tuition and managing rent, food, and car expenses, most of us have a tough time just keeping track of where our money is going, let alone attempting to..

2nd July, 2015

I’m Not a Doctor…Yet

By Aubrey Lambach, alambach

We were warned, early on, by professors and clinicians that it would only be a matter of time before we were believed to know everything about animal (and even human) medicine and be asked for advice from family, friends, neighbors…you name it. I will admit, I thought they were exaggerating. But alas, it’s true. Even though..

1st July, 2015