On Top of the World

By Maxbetter Vizelberg, mvizelberg

Emotions can run high in the veterinary world. Whether you are a vet student swamped with studying for multiple exams, a technician who has been working for hours without a break, or a veterinarian juggling twenty different appointments in one day, stress can take its toll. Apart from the high cost of education, there is an emotional..

18th November, 2015

On Running a Marathon

By Jasmine Jones, jjones

In 54 days, the last three and a half years of sweat and sacrifice will finally lead up to the main event: taking the NAVLE. I’ve pretty much been studying non-stop (as I’m sure many fourth-years across the country are), and even with a plan laid out for myself I’m still feeling overwhelmed with the sheer..

17th November, 2015

That’s the Face!

By Dylan Devino, ddevino

As veterinarians, being able to perform rectal palpation is a very important skill. Naturally, we have had many opportunities to practice through our theriogenology class. During a palpation, one of the biggest goals is to find the ovaries, which will help you determine whether the animal has ovulated and if she is pregnant. While it..

16th November, 2015