Goodbye New Bolton Center

By Tim Manzi, tmanzi

I am not entirely sure that it has hit me yet. I finished all of my rotations in the small animal hospital and just recently completed my last treatment shift at New Bolton Center. I will no longer have 4:00 pm rounds with various clinicians at the hospital nor will I have to make another..

29th April, 2016

Exam Time for…Physical Exams!

By Benjamin Daggett, bdaggett

My first year veterinary class spent a lot of time this year developing our physical exam skills. We worked with three categories of species (equine, ruminant, and small animal) and practiced our hands-on skills, with veterinarians guiding us from our very first week of class. This was a welcome relief since we were spending so much time studying other topics..

28th April, 2016

Career Goals

By Dylan Devino, ddevino

As the semester comes to an end, one of our tasks is to write a short paper on our career goals. To those of you out there who read this blog, you would probably think the answer to this would be quite simple. Everyone on this blog, everyone in my class, and everyone applying to veterinary..

27th April, 2016