To the Chicken Coop!

By Benjamin Daggett, bdaggett

One of the best parts of being in veterinary school is that we get to bring what we learn back home. Be that our physical home where we grew up or our homes here at school, the fun seems to never stop. Luckily, I get to bring what I have learned this year home to..

5th February, 2016

Noblesse Oblige

By Maxbetter Vizelberg, mvizelberg

Try playing a word association game with someone using “Cavalier, King.” What first came to mind? I suspect that the vast majority of people would think of LeBron James before the dog breed, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. There is no understating how much LeBron James has contributed to the sport of basketball and American..

4th February, 2016

The Ultimate Honor

By Jill Dentel, jdentel

On one of my recent rotations, I was off-site with a private practitioner and had a fabulous time. He was a veterinarian I had known for several years and the opportunity to work with him for two weeks was a privilege. One evening we were working late and an unscheduled euthanasia came in. We tried to..

3rd February, 2016